• 2017

    ◆ All round development in online and offline

    2017 The big year of Kenxinda Brand
    2017 Kenxinda's brands in the world's major mobile exhibition
    February, participated in the World Mobile Communications Conference in Barcelona, Spain Mobile World Congress 2017
    April, attended Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show
    September, presented on Mobile World Congress Americas

  • 2016

    ◆ The whole world, the whole channel, the whole development

    Kenxinda production factory was established in Guizhou with a construction area of 105,600. The total number of employee is 1000 and the production capacity is 160 million units per year. Currently Kenxinda has nearly 3,000 sets of advanced equipment and facilities, the total value is about 95 million, including software development tools, processing and manufacturing equipment, inspection and testing equipment. Guizhou factory will strictly control the stability of the product quality. Kenxinda has implemented IOS9001-2015 quality management system in the procurement of raw materials, production, testing, export and other aspects. Management, research and development, production, and quality are all meeting international professional standards. “World Factory” is being staged.

  • 2010-2013

    High speed development

    ◆ Create domestic brand to sell first river in overseas market

    The cooperation with world’s famous telecommunications company and chip company increased the popularity competitiveness of Kenxinda brand. KENXINDA’s main products “Mini” Series M1-M10 took grand releases overseas, achieving a big success (280 million RMB in sales). Kenxinda created the record that Chinese brand ranked the first in overseas mobile phone market. As the government leaders stated: Honors and certificates are not enough to commend Kenxinda。Kenxinda is the representative of Shenzhen’s enterprise in overseas market.

  • 2009

    2009:Seize the Global Market

    ◆ Product exported to many countries with high standard

    Kenxinda realized the inclusive and great potential of global market from the success of smart phone series. Consumers would welcome any cost-effective and good quality products. At the same time, Kenxinda adjusted the development scheme, build international sales team and focused on developing high quality smart phones that cater to the needs of overseas consumers. 

    ◆7 billion yuan sales, more than 300 patents

    In the year of 2009, Kenxinda released several smart phones in the market. Kenxinda reached 70 billion sales and all the effort finally paid off. The scope of business covered Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, South America and other 60 countries. Kenxinda technology realized the importance of brand patents and started to apply the patents for technology and appearance design (kenxinda hold more than 300 patents for now, and will increase 500 patents per year). 


Founded in May 2007

Shenzhen kenxinda technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "reclamation technology") was established in May 2007


◆ Headquarters


Shenzhen Kenxinda Technology Co., Ltd Headquarters is located on 18th Floor in Wanke Fuchun Orient Building which covering 8000㎡ area in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. We have General Office, HR Department, Account Department, Sales Department, Operations Department, Customs Department, Hardware Department, Purchase Department, R & D Center, Software Testing Department, Project Department, ID Department, MD Department, PMC Department and QC Department. At present, the company has perfect department organization, management system and work process and in a remarkable process of sustained development. In the headquarters, we have an elite team with more than 1500 staffs, among whom 90% have Bachelor’s degree, 30 members have doctor’s degree and 40 members are overseas returned engineers. Their knowledge field covering more than 40 specialized subjects from more than 50 top university. They have a rational knowledge structure, good working experience and strong mind of innovation.


◆ Longhua Production Base


In August 2007, Shenzhen Kenxinda Technology Co., Ltd got GSM and CDMA mobile phone production licenses. In the same year we have set up production factory covers 50000 ㎡ which located in Shenzhen Longhua. We got 2000 professional staffs in this nice environment factory which can accommodate 150 management staffs and 1800 production line workers to work simultaneously. The factory contains 50 mobile phone production line, 20 SMT motherboard patch line and 10 phone shell production line. It mainly divided into SMT workshop, LCD workshop a, camera workshop, battery workshop, molding workshop, integrated workshop, inspection workshop, packing workshop and Import & Export department. With professional Mobile phone production lines, professional Production system, superior Management teams and excellent e product quality, our production capacity is up to 2.5 million per year.