Mobile World Congress 2018 in Fira de Barcelona Gran Via

February 3, 2018

The world conference on mobile communications by the GSM association is the world's influential one of the focus on mobile communications in the field of exhibition of world mobile congress a total of more than 1500 well-known enterprises exhibitors from all over the world, from 205 countries and regions, more than 67000 guests visited the exhibition, exhibition area of 57000 square meters; More than 2900 journalists from 82 countries to visit 

Global system for mobile communications association in the mobile world congress awarding annual global mobile awards, the awards are divided into mobile devices Mobile entertainment categories such as mobile advertising and marketing, has increased in recent years the green movement To participate in this exhibition can more direct understanding of the specific needs of the development of world product and market, to improve the technology content of products, adjust the structure of the product improvement, lay the foundation for producing high quality products, also export to perfect, to ensure normal export direction.

The company will present our latest technology and outlook on future technology through this conference, and we will welcome the media of all major merchants to visit the experience.