Frequently Asked Question
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    The mobile phone users can not hear each other’s voices.
    Reason :

    (1) turn on the phone headset.

    (2) mobile phone to send words of damage control.

    Solution :

    (1) Some phones have headset mode, it will turn off the microphone. So the other party can not hear the sound, turn off the headset mode.

    (2) damage to the cause of most is water, to the after-sales center for replacement.

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    A key failure, it can not be used.
    Reason :

    (1) excessive dust, resulting in poor contact button.

    (2) key protection board damage.

    (3) mobile phone key failure caused by damp.

    Solution :

    (1) dust treatment, dust handling clean.

    (2) to the phone after-sales maintenance for replacement.

    (3) mobile phone attached to the pants store, eroded by sweat and water vapor.

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    A quick phone power consumption, standby duration
    Reason :

    (1) to run the program more background; higher

    (2) the screen brightness.

    (3) status on the Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI connection.

    (4) the phone side with the variant for charging.

    Solution :

    (1) reduce the program running in the background to reduce unnecessary consumption.

    (2) adjust the screen brightness, not too high. Turn off Bluetooth and GPS positioning system

    (3) is not used.

    (4) try to make a charge the phone every day, do not try to charge the phone, the phone breaks frequently.

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    Touch insensitive
    Reason :

    (1) charging voltage instability touch insensitive, general use of non-original charger.

    (2) cause electrostatic touch sensitive.

    (3) System software reasons.

    (4) screen protective film causes.

    (5) the phone is Root

    Solution :

    (1) use the original charger.

    (2) Press the button twice unrelated to discharge static electricity.

    (3) to restore the factory settings, if not resolved, check for a new version, if you want to upgrade to the latest version.

    (4) Remove the protective film operation.

    (5) Get sale process

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    The body heat, hot
    Reason :

    The phone RF circuit and CPU time online in high frequency operation, power consumption is large, there will be a certain amount of heat; a large current through the charging circuit when charging the phone, there will be a certain amount of heat, which is a normal phenomenon.

    Solution :

    Do not use while charging the mobile Internet or play the big game, avoid prolonged call, see screen.

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