Kenxinda S9

The prices of smartphones in the recent years have skyrocketed. When Apple broke the $1,000 barrier for its iPhone X in 2017, critics scoffed at its exorbitant price. But a more important question would be, do we have to pay a premium for high quality smartphones nowadays?

As a veteran in the mobile phone industry and focusing on entry to mid level phones for more than 10 years, Kenxinda Mobile knows build great phones for the masses. The Kenxinda S9 is anther great example of how to deliver great user experience and quality with unbeatable pricing.

5000mAh Mega Battery

Kenxinda S9

With a super large 5000mAh battery and advanced battery saving technology, the Kenxinda S9 can last more than two days of use without charging. What’s more, it also features 600 battery cycles which means it can still retain 80% of the rated capacity after 600 full charge/recharge cycles.

5.5-inch HD display

Kenxinda S9

The 5.5 inch display of the Kenxinda S9 is just fantastic for play or work. It has 1280×720 HD resolution with RawColor technology, which offers better color reproduction with upgraded contrast and saturation. What’s more, it consumes up to 30% less power than previous panels which enables better battery life.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Kenxinda S9

The screen of the Kenxinda S9 is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which is ultra strong and scratch-resistant. With anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating, it also provides better fingerprint and grease resistance.

Dual rear camera

Kenxinda S9

Kenxinda S9 has a 13MP primary rear camera and a 8MP secondary camera with F2.2 large aperture and super fast auto-focus, capture the perfect moment and natural portraits, even under low light conditions.

Front fingerprint scanner

Kenxinda S9

Obviously front fingerprint unlock is always a faster and more natural way to unlock than other solutions. However, the Kenxinda S9’s front fingerprint scanner is more than that. It has an ISP chip built in, constantly recording your unlock habits and fingerprint features, the more you use, the quicker it gets.

Smooth Experience

Kenxinda S9

Kenxinda S9 is powered by a highly efficient quad-core processor, with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, outperforms it’s predecessor by up to 40%, delivering smooth experience and ample storage.

Pricing and availability

Kenxinda S9

Kenxinda S9 is on sale on Aliexpress, grab yours NOW:

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