kenxinda c6

Kenxinda, the professional feature phone brand based in Shenzhen, China, announces its new 2019 model – the Kenxinda C6. Featuring sleek style with big battery, simplicity and accesible price points, the Kenxinda C6 offers the quality and reliability expected from a Kenxinda phone. At a glance, the Kenxinda C6 features a 1.77-inch screen with 160×128 resolution, 32MB RAM and 32MB ROM, 2500mAh big battery, 0.08MP camera, 2G quad band with dual SIM dual standby support. The C6 also packs FM radio, Bluetooth and LED torch inside, and comes in four colors including black, gold, red and blue.

Sleek design unique texture

kenxinda c6

C6 has a sleek rectangular design with two tone finish that never goes out of style. It is designed to be your fashion companion that matches your unique personality.

Big battery

kenxinda c6

With a removable 2500mAh large battery and advanced battery saving technology, the battery life of the C6 goes on and on. Dreaming about your mobile life without worrying about when to charge your phone? You dream will come true with the Kenxinda C6.

2G quad band dual SIM dual standby

kenxinda c6

C6 supports 2G GSM quad band which covers 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz bands with dual SIM dual standby feature. With years of experience in antenna optimization, Kenxinda feature phones offer better signal reception than most competitors. You can totally trust your Kenxinda C6 and go anywhere in the world without losing connection.


kenxinda c6

The C6 sports a 0.08MP rear camera, 32MB RAM, 32MB ROM, FM radio, Bluetooth inside and LED Torch on the top, bringing non-stop entertainment and great convenience in your hand.


Built to last

kenxinda c6

Every Kenxinda feature phone carries the quality that the brand has been known for. With thoughtful details like comfortable keymat, durable material, and carefully selected speakers, you will find the C6 a joy to use.

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