Year 2008

The dinosaur series with the video playback and sound screen playback, the Great Wall series and the mini series have been developed and put into the market, which has entered the rapid development stage, occupying 10% market share in India and 15% market share in Africa, with sales exceeding 150 million.


Year 2009

The launch of the “Little Mini” series, the main product of the technology, was released overseas and sold 280 million units. The sales value exceeded 10 billion.

Year 2012

The success of the African market, so KXD focuses on overseas markets, and its products are sold to more than 80 countries in Africa, Europe, South America and other overseas countries.


Year 2014

Fully invested in the development of overseas markets, from the initial 80 countries to more than 100 countries for full-scale in-depth operations.

Year 2015

With the comprehensive development and development of smart terminal products and the creation of diversified brands, KXD Group has successively launched the intelligent mid-to-high-end mobile phone brand “KXD” and the smart home hardware eco-chain brand “EL”. The two brands that KXD Group strives to create will be dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced and sophisticated smart terminal products and services with the ultimate user experience.

垦鑫达3G 4G

July 2016

All-round, omni-channel and three-dimensional all-round development in the world; the layout of the world, the internationalization of  KXD, the technical integration of 4G, 3G.

Early 2017

High-end EL three-proof smart phones with military quality and KXD stylish smart phones are listed overseas.


Year 2018

Incorporating 8 billion yuan to strengthen international brands, it plans to sell over one million units a month, with an annual sales value of over 10 billion.