EL is a global smart ecosystem brand with more than 10 years of industry experience in R&D, manufacturing and sales, and operates in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and the Americas. EL integrates user feedback and innovative thinking into product development to create better mass intelligence products. With the slogan of “Leisure Life”, the brand focuses on designing cost-effective and intelligent eco-chain products with outstanding color and user experience, bringing a better intelligent life to the global public.

The EL brand is positioned as a cost-effective intelligent eco-chain brand with stylish design. Our target group is the people who pursue individuality, love for life and have a young mindset.

EL aims to create a complete smart life ecosystem, powered by personalized design, humanized experience, uncompromising quality and service to bring more people with a new lifestyle in the era of Internet of Everything.

Brand Slogan

  • Passion for life. All EL customers share a love for life, and never shy to express personality.
  • Break the rules. EL tech disrupts the industry by bringing super high cost-performance ratio and stylish design for more and more people to encourage them to make their own choices.
  • Follow the dreams. Every step further of the user experience, is a step closer to EL’s dreams.

Lexiang Life is not only our slogan, but also represents EL Technology’s never-ending pursuit. Love life: Every EL technology user is a living, has a self-style, is willing to share, dare to express; break the routine: EL technology subverts the product pricing model with super cost-effective and Internet thinking, and creates more young people like fashion design. Smart products, inspiring more people to break the rules, brave to make their own choices; chasing dreams: Every further user experience, EL technology goes further than dreams.


el products

el products

 EL official website: https://www.elongmobile.com/