Market Prospects

The global smart home market has reached US$48.5 billion in 2015, and the growth rate maintained an annual growth rate of approximately US$8 billion. It is expected that the market size will reach US$71 billion in 2018. According to the GfK report, more than half believe that smart homes will have an impact on their lives in the coming years. More and more new technologies are emerging, and the integration with smart homes will produce a strong synergy, such as 5G technology, artificial intelligence technology, speech recognition technology, deep learning technology, etc. They are constantly making efforts in the smart home industry, striving for a deeper integration with smart home ecosystem.

Competitive Advantage

As of 2018, Kenxinda own fixed assets and investment assets over one billion RMB,which including Sichuan,Guizhou multiple production bases,the total construction area more than 200,000 square meters and nearly over 7500 workers;

As of 2017, KXD Mobile has set up Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guizhou and overseas office centers, which elite team members more than 1,000 people,including 300 sales and 150 engineers;

As of 2017, KXD Mobile train up a team over 500 people resident more than 70countries,scope of business across Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America,Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, RussiaSouth America and Europe.

Development Goals


Charge towards the global market,Compared with Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and other well-known big brands, KXD Mobal leading brand of mobile phones!obile is still low in popularity worldwide. Now, KXD mobile phones will be fully developed in terms of products, marketing channels and services, and strive to become the global leading smartphone brand for the masses!

All-in Smart Ecosystem Strategy


As a smartphone manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, KXD Group has always maintained the closest relationship with consumers and cutting-edge technology. EL, the subbrand of KXD Group, has entered the Internet of Things ecology two years ago, and it has reached the point of full power. The new EL smartphones will work with the new EL smart home products to create a new smart home ecosystem, bringing consumers a better, smarter and more open new smart home life experience.

Strategic Planning

  • Sustainable Development: Formulate sustainable development policies, establish management priorities and implement standards, identify key areas, and focus on the formation of implementation management.
  • Creative Application :Highlighting the uniqueness of the business: competitiveness, and the resource endowments and capabilities that the strategy relies on.
  • Develop Together:And upstream and downstream depth of cooperation, to create a unique comprehensive competitive advantage, to achieve win-win situation.
  • Open the Global Market :Expand the global product market share, improve product sales and visibility, to stimulate and strengthen the user purchase motivation.