In June 2018, KXD Group held new product launches in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, bringing the annual AI flagship K10 mobile phone to Southeast Asia. With the theme of “Beautiful Phone”, just a week ago, the global launch conference of  KXD Group just ended in New York, USA, and this time in the markets of Southeast Asia.


As the flagship of the overseas launch of multiple rounds of sales to 26 countries around the world, KXD Group is equipped with 13 million + 5 million rear dual-camera artificial intelligence cameras, which can identify more than 500 scenes in 16 categories in real time. The image semantic segmentation and partitioning of the captured photos are used to innovate the user’s photo experience and shorten the distance between ordinary users and professional photographers.

In appearance, the metal body of the K10 mobile phone is made of metal and nano-injection technology. This design makes it feel first-class and can show cool effects from all angles. The K10 mobile phone was launched abroad on January 1 this year, and it was sold less than one month. Its domestic sales have exceeded 100,000 units, and it has become the fastest-selling 100,000-yuan product in the flagship mobile phone released by KXD Group. With its outstanding performance in the domestic market, the KXD Group has brought the K10 mobile phone to many countries in Southeast Asia, aiming to bring new experience of AI technology to more global fans.

According to interest rates, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other markets, the K10 mobile phone has a total of 26 countries in the first round. Among them, in Southeast Asia, in addition to the three countries released simultaneously, users in Singapore, Indonesia and other countries are also expected to meet with this technology in the short term.

After the “brand highlands” such as Western European countries were fully launched, the K10 mobile phones were officially launched in the world’s “popular countries”, and their motives for expanding user audiences and market coverage were evident. According to market research firm Gartner’s global smartphone market data for the third quarter of 2017, smartphone sales in Greater China accounted for 4.4% of global market share, while the Asia Pacific emerging market share increased by 2.2%. In the growth of the smartphone market in the Asia Pacific region, the Southeast Asian market has made a very significant contribution.

Since the beginning of 2018, the KXD Group has been active in the “populations” represented by Southeast Asia. With different product portfolios, it has entered five major Southeast Asian regional markets in Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. On January 28th, KXD Group opened its first overseas trend experience store in Yangon, Myanmar, which was unanimously recognized by local users. Subsequently, KXD Group released its brand in the local GEM center in Vietnam: Yilong K20 and Y30 two thousand yuan flagship works, officially landed in the Vietnamese market. In March, KXD Group held the e-commerce platform Shopee and Lazada to arrange the Malaysian market.

At present, the low-end machine in the Southeast Asian mobile phone market has a market share of 37%, but at the same time, the mid-range machine has grown substantially, with a 53% increase in 2017. Therefore, at the beginning of this year, it officially entered the Indonesian market. The Xinxinda Group is different from the product strategies in Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries. It has been unveiled with the Y10, Y20 and K30 models, not only aiming at capturing the low-end market, but also staring at it. Accurate local fast-growing mid-market share, forming an all-dimensional three-dimensional product coverage matrix.

Outside of Southeast Asia, KXD Group is also moving rapidly in other Asia-Pacific regions. Taking India as an example, in view of the market characteristics of India’s “mobile phone popularization campaign” and “consumption upgrade”, the KXD Group is facing this for three years. When the market in the former Chinese market changes, not only focus on the present, but also look to the future: first enter the market with high-performance products such as Y10, Y20 and K30, and quickly gain a foothold in the local market, win word of mouth, and gain certain possession. After the rate, the company gradually introduced all the products including the high-end flagship products such as K10 to meet the needs of local users to upgrade, and at the same time compete with other top brands in the world.

At present, the emerging markets in Southeast Asia are highly competitive, and although the market capacity is not saturated, similar to the Indian market and the Chinese market three years ago, the trend of conversion from the low end to the middle and high end has begun to appear. The KXD Group chose to bring K10 to various regional markets in Southeast Asia at this time, which is just the right time.

Referring to the current plans of the major mobile phone manufacturers for the Indian market, I believe that the future KXD Group will gradually introduce all the products in the Southeast Asian market as the market penetrates. With the improvement of product layout, we believe that we always adhere to technological innovation and high-end quality, as well as brand positioning of young people’s tide culture, which will help them to quickly achieve market penetration and use the KXD Group model that has been verified in the domestic market. In the near future, it will become a brand that changes the rules of the game in the Southeast Asian mobile phone market.

At the end of last year, KXD Group announced a new global strategic plan: focusing on the brand highland, covering the populous country, becoming the top five brands in the world in three years, and expecting overseas sales to reach 50% in 2020. This means that the future of the KXD Group mobile phone in the overseas market needs to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 20~30%.

Combined with the recent outstanding achievements of  KXD Group overseas, this strategic goal will be realized ahead of schedule. In the first quarter of 2018, KXD Group achieved 100% sales growth in overseas markets. In the Russian market, it ranked in the top 20 for half a year. In the UK market, with award-winning products, extensive cooperation in operators and open markets, the company’s growth rate in the UK has reached 200% this year. At the same time, in the Indian market, KXD Group achieved a growth of 146% in the first quarter of this year, becoming the fastest-growing smartphone brand and ranking first in the market for the first time.