kxd group

KXD Group is one of the few domestic mobile phone brands that have gradually gained a foothold in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. With excellent performance and perfect user experience, it has won many loyal fans. Its heat is constantly rising, and the competition of mobile phones at home and abroad is becoming more and more fierce. KXD wants to establish a foothold in Europe and America. The good reputation of its brand image and the perfect combination of mobile phone performance and user experience are necessary factors. Therefore, KXD constantly expands its professional R&D team and operation team, constantly enhances its brand image, and understands that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the principle of the whole, actively innovates, continuously explores, and the development strategy gradually expands to developed countries such as Europe and the United States. , KXD voyage, raising the sails of the era, showing the strong national spirit of domestic mobile phones.

When the current user chooses a mobile phone, he no longer pursues the cheap, but pays more attention to the experience. “Experience first” should become the consensus of the majority of users. Since its inception, Yijia has established an international positioning, always strives for excellence, and has the strictest control over the quality of each mobile phone. This time, Kenxinda can be favored by users all over the world, with its top performance and The perfect operating experience is inseparable.

With the advancement of society, people’s consumption levels and interests have gradually shifted, and the competition of mobile phones in the Chinese market has become increasingly fierce, while there are fewer smart phone brands in Europe, especially in Europe. Throughout the mobile phone market, European brands are rare. Even if there are mobile phone manufacturers in other countries, KenXinDa actively pursues with strong sense of responsibility, professional professionalism and the attitude of providing consumers with quality communication products. The European and American markets have also captured the consumer population in this market to a great extent. KenXinDa will seize the opportunities and challenges and strive to become the darling of overseas markets.

KXD has a professional R & D team, R & D team size >320 people, average industry experience> 7 years, 90% of undergraduate education, research and development innovation, research and development is the foundation and core of Xin Xinda brand business, in Shenzhen A research and development center, has been set up with overseas to be responsible for deep technical reserves. Products with various patents and property rights > 1500 “KXD” brand have passed more than 100 certifications such as EU CE, American League FCC, International IAF, and China Environmental Protection Products. Professional mobile phone production line, professional production system, excellent management team, stable product quality, the production capacity of 12 million units/year.

KXD brand mobile phone, the appearance of the body is stylish, exquisite, atmospheric, the touch is smooth and soft, suitable for the eyes of the masses of users; has a long battery life, the same size and weight, the battery of the KXD mobile phone is the most durable, With a new generation of processors, the battery life is greatly improved; as well as the beauty function, the portrait soft light camera gives consumers more confidence and beauty; in addition, the KXD mobile phone can also watch videos smoothly, play each The big hand tour is not a Caton. . . Bringing users a smooth and fast user experience. The quality is stable and the product repair rate is below 4%.

Although it is unknown in the domestic market, in terms of the number of exports, KXD’s combat capability still occupies a great advantage. KXD “is already a global brand, in existing North America, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, South America, On the basis of more than 180 overseas countries and regions such as Colombia, it continues to expand its overseas market share to more than 200 countries and regions, with monthly sales of about 100 million yuan and estimated annual sales of about 5-6 billion. Profits are steadily increasing and can also help GDP growth.

KenXinDa also actively cooperates with upstream and downstream to create a unique comprehensive competitive advantage and achieve a win-win situation. At the same time, it follows the government’s “One Belt, One Road” to bring users a great user experience brand and contributes to sustainable development. the power of.

KXD communication products are not sold in China but concentrate on occupying foreign markets and become the strategy and direction that KXD’s brand has always adhered to. In addition to the high-cost performance and products that meet the level of foreign consumption in the European and American markets, the pain points of the local consumer groups have also been interpreted by the outside world as an important part of their success.

For the entire Chinese manufacturing industry, it is not difficult to use the price-performance best-selling developing countries, but if you do not enter the high-end market in Europe and America, it is difficult to obtain higher profits. But for a company, it is a good choice to be able to grow wildly in a place that suits you. Of course, KenXinDa is not willing to lag behind, catching up with it, striving to create a consumer brand that is more popular with consumers, and constantly defending the country’s honor and dignity, and actively doing charity to create a brand worthy of global trust.

The market is ever-changing, the iteration of products is extremely important, and the opportunities for categories and markets begin by analyzing the needs of consumers, thus designing and developing corresponding products. In fact, the competitor’s bad review is also a good learning opportunity for KXD. We will analyze the products and improve the consumer’s attention during product iteration and development to gain consumer trust.

As we all know, the survival and development of a company must be responsible for the interests of its shareholders, and it must be accountable to the employees of the company. As a national enterprise or representative of the internationalization of Chinese enterprises, ZTE should be realized at a critical moment. The business value of the enterprise itself should also add positive chips to the Chinese industry itself. KenXinDa has been working hard for this purpose, carrying forward the spirit of the clan, constantly striving to create a mobile phone brand that is proud of the people of the country, and the European and American markets have come to pick up. KXD Group deserves your attention.