Recently, in response to the party and the state’s call for the in-depth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, to promote the development of China’s rural areas and the cultivation of talents for rural development,Haijun Zhang, the boss of Kenxinda Group, has joined the rural revitalization and charity cause and become a rural development fund. Will be one of the “co-founders”. The Rural Development Foundation was founded in January 2019 by 100 domestic entrepreneurs, scholars and social celebrities. The Xi’an Rural Development Charity Foundation (referred to as the “Village Development Foundation” in English, FRD). The chairman of the Rural Development Foundation is Wang Shi, founder of Wanke Group, and the vice-chairman of the Rural Development Foundation is Feng Lun, chairman of Yufeng Group.

On September 15, 2019, the flagship project Rural Development Research Institute funded by the Xi’an Rural Development Charity Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Village Development Foundation”) was unveiled and the inaugural meeting was held at the new campus of Yan’an University. The Rural Development Research Institute is a major historical proposition for promoting the development of rural China and cultivating talents for rural development. It is also the mission of Chinese entrepreneurs. At present, 100 co-founders consisting of 50 entrepreneurs and 50 eminent personalities including Haijun Zhang, the boss of Kenxinda Group, are basically in place. In the future, the Institute of Rural Development of Yan’an University will be in the name of “Education for the Poverty Alleviation Group”. Provide a variety of support.

Haijun Zhang, the boss of Kenxinda, is a private entrepreneur. He has spent more than a decade to complete the growth and transformation of Kenxinda. Today, Kenxinda Group is not only limited to the research and development of communication equipment mobile phones, but also involves research in the fields of smart home appliances, 5G applications, artificial intelligence, etc., and has a sustainable environmental protection concept to establish an electronic product recycling subsidiary “replacement and recycling”. Under the leadership of Haijun Zhang, the boss of Kenxinda Group, the company’s development can be described as prosperous.

Haijun Zhang, the boss of kenxinda, has never been involved in rural revitalization and charity. Since his success in the mobile phone field, he has been doing his best to contribute to the development of society. In the work, Haijun Zhang is hard-working and meticulous; in life, he is friendly and approachable; he always believes in the creed that entrepreneurs must have a conscience and be kind, and social responsibility is always more important than corporate interests. When society needs it, Haijun Zhang often donates money to poor areas and disaster areas to send care and warmth.

One of the “co-founders” of the Rural Development Foundation is Haijun Zhang, the boss of ken Xinda, who made his own contribution to the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside and the realization of the goal of “agricultural strong, rural beauty, and peasant wealth.” The Rural Development Foundation will explore the establishment of comprehensive services integrating scientific research, social services, and personnel training, focusing on rural innovation and entrepreneurship, rural enterprise management, farmer production technology, and rural economic and social management. Nowadays, the countryside is developing at an unprecedented pace. In the future, the research institute funded by the Rural Development Foundation will continue to cultivate a large number of talents, use modern economic thinking to stimulate rural entrepreneurial enthusiasm and let more young forces promote rural development.