In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic mobile phone industry, domestic mobile phones have gradually shifted the battlefield from domestic to global markets. Mobile phone manufacturers not only take into account the domestic market, but also actively explore overseas markets. In 2015, Southeast Asia as an emerging market is more able to establish a foothold for domestic mobile phone manufacturers than mature markets.

As an emerging market in Southeast Asia, the demand for low-end and mid-range mobile phones is relatively large, and consumers are very concerned about the price/performance ratio of mobile phones. As a domestic brand to enter the market in Southeast Asia, KXD has entered Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and has achieved good results. In 2014, KXD’s brand EL & KXD, which was launched in Singapore, was sold and sold out.

The development of  KXD mobile phone in the Southeast Asian market is very fast. At the end of 2014, KXD has nearly 100 flagship stores, brand stores and agents in Myanmar. In the first quarter of 2015, affected by the demand from countries such as Myanmar and Thailand, KXD plans to increase its total smartphone shipments in Southeast Asia by 120% to 6 million units in 2016. At present, KXD has a market share of more than 40% in Myanmar.

The three high-end and low-end mobile phone products that the local market has withdrawn are Soar, Star, and SKY. KXD’s market goal of entering Indonesia is very clear, and it ranks among the top five in the Indonesian mobile phone market within three years. As one of the earliest brands in China to enter the international market, KXD has achieved good results in Europe and the United States. In this expansion into the Indonesian market, KXD will quickly cover the Indonesian market with the resources and advantages of Indonesian operator TELKSEL.

In June 2015, two brands of Kenxinda’s two brands (EK & KXD respectively) officially launched a new ultra-thin 4.0+4.5 model called V5 / V6 to the Southeast Asian market. The two points were the ultra-thin thickness and eye-catching appearance and performance that were popular at the time. In the same year, I won an excellent sales volume, which made KXD become a hot brand in Southeast Asia. In 2018, KXD continued to launch 15 new models, which are based on the EL and KXD brands. Appearance configuration is extremely eye-catching, in the hardware configuration, the use of 6.0-inch full-screen display, equipped with MediaTek 6739 processor, CPU frequency is 1.5GHz, CPU uses quad-core, strong performance, the entire system is configured with 3GB of running memory, The Y20 is equipped with 16GB/32GB of storage space, providing users with good storage space. Battery capacity 4100mAh, standard 5V/1A charging head, support dual card dual standby full Netcom and optional Micro SD card expansion, the interface is regular USB, using non-removable battery (some products removable battery).

The product design follows the previous design style, and it is still simple and simple. The 15 models are equipped with 3GB+64GB versions. Of course, it is not excluded to introduce a larger memory version. The front of the KXD products adopts the design of 2.5D curved glass. The back is made of all-metal paint painting technology, which has a good matte feel. The camera decorative parts are aluminum alloy oxidation process, exquisite and rich in texture; recognition Very high. Using the feel is not a general silky.

KXD’s latest 15 mobile phone touch screen types are capacitive screens, multi-touch, screen size occupied: 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 5.7, 6.0 inches, etc., LTPS main screen material, the main screen resolution is 960X480 pixels, and At the same time, the screen pixel density is 268ppi, and the Y20’s screen also has a narrow border design and 70.8% of the screen.

KXD’s latest mobile phones are equipped with a front camera up to 5 megapixels. Rear dual 13 million pixels + 5 million pixels dual camera, the phone’s camera is equipped with a rear f / 2.2 f / 2.6 aperture, rich imaging, to meet the shooting needs of a variety of scenes. Features also cover the current popular: double camera, face recognition, 18:9 screen, fingerprint, AI beauty shooting, super endurance.

At present, domestic mobile phone brands are accelerating their pace of entering Southeast Asia, trying to occupy the Southeast Asian market as soon as possible. New think analysts believe that smartphone manufacturers have great potential for growth in Southeast Asia due to the slow communications and smartphone market. For China’s mobile phone manufacturers, the Southeast Asian market is a piece of cake, which brands can get the largest piece, we KXD is committed to going up.

KXD has been investing a large amount in advertising, ranging from written magazines to large advertising light boxes and outdoor large billboards. The investment of funds and products has always been valued by Zhang hai jun, CEO of  KXD.

In the third quarter of 2016, according to the data of GFK, an internationally renowned market research company, KXD’s market share in Vietnam has reached 17.8%, which is close to Samsung’s 28.5%, and its market share in Indonesia has reached 10%. 20% of them ranked fifth in the local market. This average has only taken five years, and Samsung, the world leader in consumer electronics, has worked hard in these two markets for more than 10 years.

KXD has unique methods and skills in cultural integration. It not only integrates with local sales channels, but also plays a strong leading role in local mainstream popular culture.

The issue of internationalization of Chinese brands has a good interpretation and answer on the brand of  KXD. In 2010, the KXD brand was registered globally. The Vietnamese first contacted KXD as an American brand. Later, the Vietnamese knew that it was a Chinese brand. Since the marketing of  KXD was too fierce, it was recognized. Consumers are pragmatic. There are not so many national feelings. If you do something well, which country can buy it, you must first break your dogma, good products, good service, and conquer all the people in the world.

There is another understanding. Everyone thinks that KXD appeared overnight. Not at all, this is the accumulation of consumer electronics after a long period of accumulation. It is very accidental that no one has succeeded. They have been working hard to make the dream of the first mobile phone in China, and they are chasing dreams. They have a long-term accumulation of mobile phones. The expansion of the entire overseas market, from the end of 2009 to explore in Thailand, is not a success overnight. Indonesia ranked 10th, up 168% year-on-year, and Malaysia and Thailand ranked 8th in the market. Its success is a long-term accumulation. KXD ranks 5th in Southeast Asia in China. It is more valuable as a Chinese brand, which is well integrated into the life scene of local people.

In the future, KXD will continue to develop more brilliant products and achievements in the mobile phone field.